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Kilkivan Great Horse Ride ATPA Team Penning Competition

On Sunday 11th April 2010 The Australian Team Penning Association Inc held its first Team Penning Competition.  Formed in 2009 the ATPA announced its formation at Dayboro and the news was reported in the Horse Down Under magazine, fittingly they are the magazine to report on our first competition.

The day started with low cloud – was it going to rain or was it just fog?  Turned out it was fog, heralding a very hot day.  The competition was made up of a wide range of competitors, seasoned team penners from a variety of clubs, local campdrafters keen to try out a different code of horse sport, to complete beginners, some of which their horses had never seen cattle before.  


The competition commenced at 9:00am with President, Ty Granger, welcoming competitors and running through the ATPA rules and Judge’s expectations for the day.  With 131 teams to compete, the day ran smoothly finishing as predicted at approximately 3:00pm.

Mark Rogers, being the first judge accredited with the ATPA, was the judge for the day and stated he was very pleased with the way the cattle were handled.  Cattle were provided for the day by Allan Heath, Wilf Edwards, Nev McSweeny and David Lahiff, and although tough at times, if you went about the cattle the right way (and that’s part of the game, knowing how to read cattle) there were quick runs to be had, with 10 runs under 58 seconds. The ATPA trialed using numbers instead of colours, and they proved successful.


At the end of the competition, the first 5 places were very close, 1st place went to Maryborough team, Brett Lindley, Neville Lindley and April  – 3 head in 0.40.35seconds, this team took home $1200, 3 combo rugs from Chris McKenzie and 3 saddle bags from G & L Horse Starting and Tack. 2nd place went to Greg & Matthew Reidy (Bundaberg) & Graeme Stevens who not only took home a handsome pay cheque but a set of reins each donated by Chris Rohan, 3rd place Andrew Newcombe, Tiffany Newcombe  and Neville Lindley received their pay cheque plus 3 vouchers from Trailer to RV Repairs ,  4th place John Heeb, Sandra Heeb and Warren Ellis and 5th place Mick Nolan,  Dave Durre and Sharon Durre with 3 head in 0.50.72seconds. The encouragement award donated by Trailer to RV Repairs was chosen by the judge and went to Emily Guest, Wendy McGuire and Jason Guest.


With the President thanking all our sponsors for their support, our volunteers and committee for all their hard work and the competitors for the very professional way they competed, the presentations were done with 30 minutes to spare with the hot day bringing about a storm which brought 30mm of rain.

The Australian Team Penning Association Inc vision is to promote the sport of Team Penning in Australia and hopefully bring about uniformity of competitions, we believe this weekend was a great start towards this goal.

Sandra Gilchrist